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Winter 2016 Letter from the Editor

The final issue in this year’s focus on different trail users talks about wheelchair access. It’s a great article, written by two Colorado women who hit the trails in wheelchairs, and they list some great resources for those wanting to do the same.

Next year’s four issues will focus on the work it takes to keep our public lands accessible to all, from the planning and creation of new trails to the maintenance work that keeps the trails clear and the trash picked up to the activism that protects our public spaces from private interests.

We don’t know how the next four years will play out, but the recent election has made it clear that people who value nature, who care about our wild, open places and our natural wonders, who understand the fragility of our natural resources, including air and water, must become more active than ever to mitigate the future administration’s proposed assults on the environment and our public lands.

Increasing my commitment to the stewardship of our public lands and science education will be my new year’s resolution, and I hope you will join me in this work. Please also consider sending in articles and/or pictures of the work you’re doing so we can encourage each other and spread the word about the value of our public lands.

Golden, Colorado received its first snow of the season yesterday, and my family is looking forward to spending the upcoming holiday season playing outside together. I hope my readers are able to do the same!

Happy Trails,
Alexa Metrick